Linkultra Powerful Backlink Checker

understanding your backlink structure and whats working is key to your success. Just some of the benefits of Linkultra

  • Analysis of your own backlink structure
  • Research your competitors backlinks
  • Provide the accurate information you need

Please check the features and metrics below for linkultra and how it can help you

How Can Linkultra help you?

  • Provide you with 30+ backlink metrics

    The software enables you to check the backlink metrics you need, ranging from if the link is live and anchor to position on the page! Heck we will even tell you if there’s spam links on the backlinks page

  • Reports and detailed view from one click of a button

    Whether its a overview report for the whole site or a detailed view of your anchor ratio we have you covered for most scenarios.

  • Export the information in every format you need

    Having all the data you need at your finger tips is great but there’s times you need to export that information,options to export in several formats from images to excel come built in

  • Find your backlinks

    With a dedicated api, Linlultra pulls backlink data from several sources allowing you to get a broad understanding of your sites backlink structure. The ability to find backlinks from all the major search engines is also included

  • Additional tools to save time

    We know your time is important, included is a contact finder that makes outreach work easy

  • Import you backlinks in several formats

    We understand you may have backlinks that need checking all in different formats from the online backlink finding tools. The software accepts these formats without you needing to alter the file

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What metrics Linkultra can check that help you?

  • Backlink Status

    To get a good understanding of a backlink structure of a site you need to know what links are live not weeks ago but today. Linkultra checks if links are live by default

  • Backlink Statistics

    All the common metrics are included such as anchor,dofollow/nofollow,page title,domain extension,301 redirects,no index and page linking to find you strongest subpages

  • Text Classifcation

    Linkultra has a dedicated classifciation api that is able to detect the language of the backlinks webpage and also it’s topic

  • Spam Metrics

    Metrics include number of outbound links and detection of spam outbound links on the backlinks page.

  • Location On Page

    Knowing if a backlink is a footer link or from within the main content on the webpage is incredibly valuable when completing link audits this feature comes included

  • Platform Footprints

    Knowing the type of linking websites can help when carrying out a link detox or discovering you competitors best backlinks. Linkultra detects a broad range of platforms from wordpress blogs to forums to ecommerce and many more.

  • Social Details

    Get social share details for the backlink such as, facebook, google plus,linkedin,pinterest

  • IP Address Details

    All backlinks IP address are checked by default including the ability to filter by C class

  • Content Details

    Included is the ability to check word count, sentence count, and average words in sentence,paragraph count,average sentences in paragraphs and headers count

How is the information displayed?

From link audits to spying on your competitors,check out the modules below that can assist you

  • 1

    Main grid

    The Main grid is the core view of the software where all metrics can be viewed with one glance. That's not all though you have the ability to fully customize the order of columns and data displayed. Advanced filtering and grouping makes processing large amounts of data easy

  • 2

    Detail view

    Being able to quickly check the number of times an anchor is used or distribution of inbound links to a site is incredibly powerful. Just some of the detail views are, anchor text backlink profile,backlink type,linking domains IP address,Linking websites domain extension.

  • 3


    The ability to create overview reports for a website comes built in.

  • 4

    Export your data

    All the backlink metrics can be exported to excel or csv file. The detail views and reports have the added ability to export in up to 9 different format from pdf to image.

  • 5

    Contacts finder module

    Linkultra has the ability to find contact details from websites for easy outreach including email,skype,social accounts and key webpages such as contact, write for us,advertise here,sponsor and signup pages

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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Q1) I already have a source of backlinks from a online service? +

We have a starter package that doesn't include backlink data allowing you to use the great features of linkultra with your own backlink data

Q3)What operating systems does this run on? +

This software runs on the following windows operating systems,Windows Vista Service Pack 2, Windows 7 Service Pack 1, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016, Windows Vista Service Pack 2, windows 10

Q4)Will this run on my home pc? +

Yes as long as you have a minimum of 3GB of ram

Q5) Can any website be analysed with linkultra? +

Linkultra will process any site you add,Find links using the linkultra api won't pull backlink data for sites with over 2 million backlinks regardless of max backlinks to download setting.

Q5) Whats your refund policy? +

If your not completely satisfied within 7 days of your first subscription purchase we will refund you the full amount you paid

Q6) I still have more question? +

If you have any further questions please contact us at Support

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